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LIF-TRACK for Sugarloaf a Very Tight Fit.

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

This summer we installed a snowgroomer lift for SUGARLOAF in Maine. Since 1997 when we collected our first field measurements and produced a CAD drawing, we’ve known that the facility size and constraints in their shop offered a lot of challenge. But we also knew that we could make it work and that Sugarloaf would benefit immensely from increased productivity and a better way of working, aka working ergonomically. Minimal width, two ceiling girders, low overhead cranes, a sprinkler system that runs in every direction, lube reels and a floor drain right under where the columns need to land. Like football, it proved to be a game of inches, and we gamed it just right.

Their LIF-TRACK is centered in the bay with a few inches to spare along the left wall. We spanned across the floor drain by engineering an oversized baseplate. Once they re-locate the sprinkler line that runs right behind the tractor cab (see behind the exhaust stack), they’ll be able to back the tractor up to a more comfortable position. They will be able to tip the cab on the fully raised lift without hitting the beam. Our thanks to Peter Jensen, VMM for his persistent interest in LIF-TRACK thru the years and his confidence in our ability to get all the details right to their benefit.


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