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Gen 1.5 and 2.5


Perfect for Nordic Centers, Small Ski Areas and Snowmobile Trail Groomers

Gen 1.5

  • A complete Re-Manufacture (Not Refurbishment) of the old chain lifts

  • Engineered to a new and exciting lift design 

  • Direct-Drive Hydraulic Lifting - cylinders in each column

  • Hydraulically Synchronized Lifting - No Chains, No Wire Ropes, No Sheaves - NO WEAR ITEMS

  • Simple, hydraulic flow control operation

  • New Columns, New Locking System, New Hydraulic Cylinders

  • 25,000 LB Capacity per the original (30,000 LB available on request

  • 230V 1PH to meet the needs of smaller maintenance shops

Gen 2.5

  • Add a whole new lifespan to your current 30,000 LB lift

  • Convert the full hydraulic, Gen 2 Wire Rope Lifts to the same controls as the Gen 3 system (we call it 2.5)

  • NO WIRE ROPES - NO WEAR ITEMS, NO NUISANCE CABLE ADJUSTMENTS and of course no cable replacements

  • Each lift will be converted and re-manufactured with a new paint finish to add a whole new life and look

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