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Elevating Productivity

LIF-TRACK revolutionized the way ski resort vehicles are maintained 27 years ago. Now in its third generation, the adjustable four-post lift handles everything from snowcats to snowmobiles, and is widely credited with boosting productivity and improving shop safety.

By Lisa Gordon

When the owner of Labrador Mountain ski resort in central New York called Gary Pavlick in 1994, he wasn’t sure Pavlick’s company, Lif-Tech Equipment, could help him. The ski hill’s maintenance shop was searching for a vehicle lift big enough to raise a snowcat.

At the time, such a machine didn’t exist. However, Pavlick immediately understood what Labrador Mountain needed. Lif-Tech already distributed heavy-duty vehicle lifts for buses

and trucks, catering mainly to transit authorities and highway departments. As a lifelong skier, Pavlick was also familiar with ski resort equipment...

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Snow Ops LIF-TRACK Article April_2021
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