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Features & Benefits

More reliable, safer, maintenance-free and much more user friendly! 

The customer response from those who upgraded from the old chain-driven has been overwhelmingly positive. 

> Latest Gen 3.0 Technology

> Track Work

Rolling Jack Stands give you the capability to suspend the snow groomer above the runways for track and tire work.  

Access to the underside = room to turn a tool which means greater productivity and more reliable quality of work.  Think about it, you're not laying on your back on a creeper with snow, water or mud dripping in your eye. Simply being able to stand up under the snowcat - like all other vehicle repair shops - hey, increased productivity is a no brainer.

> ACCESS = Productivity and Increased Quality of Work

We began to bring awareness to the 25,000 lb Chain-Hydraulic LIF-TRACK users during inspections that the new Tier 4 Winch Cats from both Pisten-Bully and Prinoth exceed the capacity of the lift. In February of 2019 this issue blew up and we received a lot of calls and we responded in kind by urging  more awareness of the issue.