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"All-Vehicle Lift" for snowcats that revolutionized ski area vehicle maintenance

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Park City - Canyons Utah


LIF-TRACK snowcat lifts for snow grooming machines will improve your vehicle maintenance program, lower your costs, improve worker safety and increase productivity. This snow groomer hoist features a movable runway to adjust from snowmobiles to ATV’s, pickups, tractors, backhoes, trucks and snowcats – the "All-Vehicle" lift

Park City - Canyons, UT


Gen 1.5 and 2.5


A new life for the old lifts that will outperform the original

  • Updated to meet the current safety  standards

  • Totally new lifting system - no chains or wire ropes!!

  • Both generations 1.5 and 2.5 are vastly improved versions of the original

  • A new look and full service life

Perfect for Nordic Centers, Small Ski Areas,Snowmobile Trail Groomers

Sugarloaf, ME

Camelback PA.png

Gen 3.0

Gen 3.0 is the latest and most advanced LIF-TRACK system yet.  An innovative solution, utilizing an electronic control system to deliver high performance and reliability.

Camelback, PA

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