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LIF-TRACK - the lift for snowgroomers - is an “All-Vehicle” lift with its easy rolling platform that adjusts to vehicles of all widths – from Snowmobiles and ATV’s to Snowcats.

Lifting heavy objects has been our thing since 1991. We continue to offer the latest solution-driven technolog. Our approach is to add value to each project through the merits of our product and the experienced input we provide. Our attention to detail, thoughtful insight and ease of working together has created a successful working model for over 32 years.

  • LIF-TRACK has lowered the cost of vehicle maintenance and improved safety at ski resorts since 1996

  • 30% is the minimum reported time savings on repairs, scheduled PM’s, oil changes and inspections

  • Spin the Tracks – set the tractor on jack stands and spin the tracks to replace belts, grouzers and tires in no time

  • 30,000 and 40,000 lb capacity machines

  • Direct Drive Hydraulics 

  • Electronically controlled synchronized lifting

  • Mechanical Locking System 

  • Push-Button controls


"LIF-TRACK has completely elevated our preventive maintenance game. My crew reports they are able to inspect machines faster and more frequently, saving us time, parts and money.”     


– Chip Perfect, President – Perfect North Slopes, IN


Providing Engineered Lifting Solutions for heavy specialty vehicles and complex projects since 1991.

Les objets lourds sont notre spécialité depuis 1991. Nous continuons d'offrir les dernières technologies axées sur les solutions pour les positionneurs de soudage, les dameuses à neige/élévateurs à chenillettes et autres élévateurs spécialisés et personnalisés. Notre approche consiste à collaborer avec vous en tant que consultant de confiance pour ajouter de la valeur à chaque projet grâce aux mérites de chaque produit et à la contribution expérimentée que nous apportons à la table.

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