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Lif_Track Snowmass

Gen 3.0

Our commitment to continuous improvement produced a new solution - Gen 3.0


Gen 2.0 in 2007 took the leap to eliminate chain-lifting with Direct-Drive hydraulics, an always-engaged lock mechanism in each column with a pneumatic lock release and push-button controls. 


Gen 3.0 in 2019 had two goals :

  • PLC electronic controls to synchronize lifting and lowering within fractions of an inch.

  • Eliminate all the wear items - no more wire ropes, sheaves or chains! 

Results:  Valves now open and close to provide smooth and seamless operation.  Operators experience exceptional performance, improved safety and no maintenance except for cleaning. 


40,000 LB for Winch Cats

30,000 LB for free groomers

LIF-TRACK is now more reliable, maintenance-free, safer and much more user friendly!  The customer response from those who upgraded from the old chain-driven has been overwhelmingly positive.

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